Becoming a Personal Trainer

11/09/2012 12:55


Top 5 things to consider when deciding to become a Personal Trainer  in the UK-
1. 80% of new Level 3 Personal Trainers leave the industry in the first 3 months.
2. To be considered one of the better Personal Trainers, you need to budget for continuing education, especially in your first year, as you may be playing catch up.
3. If you find selling easy and you have a big history of training, you may find the self employed rental model beneficial.
4. If it scares you to lose your regular income, then you may find it beneficial to work for an employed Personal Training company
5. Be aware of educators without a Personal Training background, showing you the magic to producing a massive income.
Personal Trainer in action

Hands on skills are important for Personal Trainers




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